A Lesson in Sea Fearing Myths!

While out on a recent fishing adventure aboard the Seastar with the crew one fine spring day I had learned a valuable lesson…!

no-bananaWe had an incredible time out on the water that morning, the sky was a little over-cast and the air a little brisk, but not discouraging. On board the Seastar with us that day was Captain Preston Steele and his first mate Philippe Rhoads. This would be a special voyage as it was with a group of new fishing guides or “Anglers” in training for a position on the OAC crew. I was invited as the website master to attend as a pleasure cruise and get a real feel for the adventure I tend to daily! We set off that morning close to 9 am and by 11 am we were sailing past Lighthouse park. We prepared our fishing rods with the sardines we use for bait and cast them into the deep cool water and started trolling for Salmon. We were super excited to catch what would no doubt be an amazing BBQ feast to follow..!

My jaw dropped wide open and I was shocked and confused by what had just occurred…why in the hell did this guy think it was ok to throw part of my lunch 20 feet port side!!? It didn’t take long for me to overhear the faint chuckles of the crew from up in the upper deck or for me to notice other members of the crew filming the entire incident. After the shock of having my property thrown over board, I looked up proof of this crazy myth and verified it was indeed true…crazy and as random as a twilight zone episode but real!! I also discovered a few other weird and wonderfully stupid superstitions and I thought I would create a list of ten of the most bizarre myths of the sea we found out that day!

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