Fishing for Chum Salmon in the Month of November

So we’re already into November and most of the salmon have already gone up the river however a few species are still hanging around.

The Chum salmon are the last run of salmon coming in and they will be around for the next bit into the month of December. They are the last run of the salmon family, essentially the latest run.


What we are looking at is fishing with using general dark ‘hoochie’, purples or blacks or any kind of dark coloured ‘hoochie’. Of course they will still take bait of any kind of Herring or even Anchovy’s .
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Fishing For Pink Salmon on a Warm Summer Day!

The fish are biting and we are catching a lot of Pinks!!

In the ocean, pink salmon are bright silver fish. After returning to their spawning streams, their colouring changes to pale grey on the back with yellowish-white belly (although some turn an overall dull green colour). Check out the video below for tips on preparing your delicious Pink Salmon and contact us to book your next ocean adventure.